Wang Wen-Sheng

“Religious Philosophy” or “Philosophical Religion”

A Comparison between Chinese and Western Philosophy via Hannah Arendt’s Reflection on Image- and Metaphor-Language

Hannah Arendt reassesses what thinking in general is considered to be. She criticizes the two-world view of ...

Yao Zhihua

A Buddhist Approach to the Problem of Evil

The classical Confucian view on the fundamental moral issue of good and evil is best summarized by the late Ming scholar Wang Yangming (1472-1529) in his famous “four ...

Wu Tianyue

Augustine on Initium Fidei

A Case Study of the Coexistence of Operative Grace and Free Decision of the Will

Augustine once declared, “I labored for the free decision of human will, but the grace of God won ...

Almut-Barbara Renger

Ch’an im Feld von Religion und Politik

Zur Revitalisierung einer Form des chinesischen Buddhismus in der heutigen VR China

Zu den vielfältigen Wandlungsprozessen, welche die VR China seit einigen Jahrzehnten durchläuft, gehört die neu erstarkte Bedeutung von ...

Wong Kwok Kui

Hegel’s Criticism of Laozi and its Implications

In his Lectures on the History of Philosophy, Hegel argues that Laozi’s thought remains at the beginning stage of philosophy because it cannot move away from the abstract to ...

Carmen Meinert

Moving Between Worldly Power and Other-Wordly Attainments

Encounters of Ethnic Chinese with Tibetan Buddhism

Parallel to the present grand scale modernisation process of Chinese society is noteworthy the rediscovery of all sorts of religious beliefs and practices ...

Kwan Tze-wan

Phenomenological Distinctions and the Buddhist Doctrine of Two Truths

This paper attempts to put two separate issues into contrast: “phenomenological distinctions” and “Buddhist doctrine of two truths.” Why should we precisely compare these two? This is ...

Wang Hui

The Voices of Good and Evil: What is Enlightenment?

Rereading Lu Xun’s “Towards a Refutation of the Voices of Evil”

I will primarily discuss “Toward a Refutation of the Voices of Evil,” an early essay written by ...